Our People

Meet Our Team

Abdul Hussein

Founder of Wayo Wayo Kibra

Mr. Abdul Hussein is the founder of Wayo Wayo Kibra (WWK), a sports-driven, community-based organization in Kibera. This organization uses sports as a platform to address social issues affecting the youth in the community. Wayo Wayo Kibra Health and Entrepreneurship is an extension of this organization, aiming to increase access to primary health services while providing full-time employment opportunities for the youth.

Nancy E. Glaser

Development Expertise for International Organizations

Nancy Glaser has worked in business development for over 30 years and is a recognized authority on systematic approaches to support new business formation and small and medium-sized enterprise development.  She was a general partner in Silicon Valley investing and coaching consumer and retail businesses. Since obtaining her MBA (1985) from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, she has been an internationally recognized expert in the entrepreneurship sector. She has worked in Thailand, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan. Most recently, The Stanford Seed program selected Ms. Glaser as a Business Coach, first working in West Africa and then in East Africa, where she coached over 30 African early-stage businesses for them to lead the economic development in their regions.

Elliot A. Segal

Health Care, Public Health, and Community Development Advisor

Elliot Segal has over a five-decade career in Health care, Public Health, and Community Development. He has graduate degrees in Public Health and Urban Studies from Yale University. he served on Yale University School of Medicine and Public Health faculty for 26 years as Assistant Dean and Assistant Director of Yale-New Haven Hospital. Mr. Segal has been a Professor of Practice at the University of Maryland Health Policy and Management, Director of the Healthy Futures Program for eleven years. He supervises Wayo Wayo Kibra undergraduate/graduate students and volunteer interns in promoting health programs.

Bill Bentley

Project Advisor

Bill Bentley has spent his entire career as an advocate for children, youth, and families, especially those most vulnerable (e.g., low-income families, LGBT youth, children, and youth of color). Bentley has worked at the local, state, and federal levels over his 40+ year career. He has served in leadership positions within nonprofit and governmental agencies, most recently serving as a Political Appointee in the Obama Administration with the Administration for Children and Families within the federal Department of Health and Human Services. He retired in November of 2016 and now serves as a volunteer with the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health – Healthy Futures Initiative, Brady United to Prevent Gun Violence, The Children’s Campaign, and the Child Advocacy Institute. The Montgomery County Chief Executive appointed Mr. Bentley to the East County Citizens Advisory Board.

Dr. Thomas Onyango Kirengo

Partner/Project Advisor

Dr. Kirengo is the CEO of Imara Mediplus hospital in Embu, Kenya. Imara Mediplus is a multi-specialty healthcare facility founded and managed by doctors. It provides access to high-quality and affordable medical services with compassion to individuals living in the Mt. Kenya region. Dr. Kirengo brings a global perspective to the local African Healthcare service. Additionally, he specialized in medicine, management, research, health business, leadership, and innovation. Dr. Kirengo is a graduate of the Stanford Seed Program. Presently, Dr. Kirengo serves a region with a population of about 10 million Kenyans.

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