Our Founder

My name are ABDUL HUSSEIN, I’m well known in my community by my childhood name “Cantar”. I was born and raised in Kibra, the biggest slum in East and Central Africa. Kibra is located in outcast of the capital city of Kenya Nairobi.

Abdul Cantar Hussein

His Story

We are eight in our family which represent five girls and three boys I’m the second born after my elder sister. Currently I’m married and I have been blessed with two kids.

I schooled in Kibra and further my secondary school in upcountry a secondary school known as Kisii High School which I did my o level. The dream to join high school wasn’t surerity on my case putting in mind that my other family members need to attend school and my Dad was the sole provider with a low income.

Through my active participation in soccer which I loved most, I managed to secure a scholarship to attend a boarding secondary school which was more than 500kms away from my destination. It was a relief to my parents to only cater for my basic school items. I personally had a dream that, I will play at a professional level after my high school and support my family and my community at large. The dream was valid until when I joined a company soccer club, which was playing at second to top flight league, Kenya premier league, During the active assignment in one of the league matches I lost my ACL on my left knee, which shattered my dream completely if it will not be fixed. Due to lack of financial support and medical assistance, by then the soccer club didn’t not insured players which made the situation more green.

It forced me to hung up my boots while I’m looking for any support to cover for my operation which was so expensive after I inquire. I inquired from local National hospital if they have the service of treating my injury, the option was their but no guaranteed to return back to active soccer/competition, the news demoralized me completely. It took me a while to admit that I couldn’t be involved in active sport any more but it happened and I admitted at long run. That is a bigger problem especially in Africa Countries where skillful and talented sports personality their dreams are shattered down at early stages due to lack of good medical facilities which if the authority could have given a priority majority of sports men/women could have been rescued.

Due to the love of the sport/game, While I’m nursing my injury I decided to volunteer to my former primary community club which made or sharpened my skills during youthful assignments I volunteered as a team manager when they are engaged into community soccer tournaments. It kept me busy for a while and I loved that. Opportunity knocked my door I was recruited to represent my village by one local organization based in Kibra. The organization was laying its foundation in Kibra with I and other volunteers are the first youths to be engaged. I volunteered for almost four years as a Sports coordinator before I was absorbed as a Sports program Officer by then other volunteers left and I was the only volunteer who was recruited among the twenty two who remain at the system.

I left the organization after serving for almost thirteen years and decided to start my own. My bigger dream was/is to make sure that even though I didn’t make it to professional platform, one day one of player from my system will represent Kibra community in a professional arena and by that I will have accomplish my dream to serve my Kibra community.

Currently I registered a Community based Organization which I’m a volunteer known as “WAYO WAYO KIBRA” WAYO is a Kiswahili word which means foot step/work. The Organization is using Sports as a platform to address social issues affecting the young boys and girls in Kibra community such as peace, reproductive health,environmental,insecurity and scholarship program, which are the main issue which need to be address in Kibra community.