What We Do

Wayo Wayo Kibra’s Projects

Abdul Hussein founded Wayo Wayo Kibra Health (WWK-H) in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic; a native of Kibera and a father of two dedicated to improving the lives and increasing economic mobility, jobs, and health of people in Kibera. Kibera is the largest urban slum on the African continent. These inhabitants live in extreme poverty earning less than $2 a day. WWK-H strives to offer hope, trust, and faith.

The mission of WWK-H is to recruit people to participate in the Community Health Worker program. WWK-H is an extension of a more extensive program, Wayo Wayo Kibra (WWK), which is an organization that engages youth through recreational soccer. WWK-H has capitalized on the WWK soccer program by recruiting its’ players for the Community Health Worker training program. 

The Community Health Worker (CHW) role is critical in providing health services in impoverished communities like the Kibera slum because there is a severe lack of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals. Many residents live in the Kibera slum without access to essential services, including electricity, clean running water, sanitation, education, and medical care. WWK-H has stepped in to fill the gap by training Community Health Workers (CHWs) to go into the community to conduct health assessments, link people to health services, and much more.

Your generous donation toward WWK-H will allow staff to train more Community Health Workers, provide access to government clinics and hospitals, and provide stipends to the Community Health Workers. 

Please help us raise money for Kiberian children