Community Service

The Community Service Program

The Community Service program takes youth from the Wayo Wayo Kibra (WWK) Soccer program and teaches them to give back to their community through organized cleanups. During the soccer league, we select teams each week to do community service cleanups in which they use rakes to clean the rubbish in the village’s drainage system. Since Kibera has no governmental assistance for sanitation services, most trash ends up in drainage systems, which eventually wash down to dumpsites when it rains. When debris does not drain properly, it accumulates; The youth then rake out the accumulated rubbish and relocate it to a proper dumpsite. In addition, when donations allow, the children can plant trees around the different villages to benefit the environment and help to create a more habitable village.

The Integration of the Community Service Program within the Soccer Program

The WWK Soccer program integrates a compulsory environmental Community Service and a Life Skills Training program — helping to teach the youth the value of giving back to their community. At the end of the soccer season, we hold a tournament to inspire healthy competition and reward the child with small prizes. To participate in the tournament and have a chance of winning, each youth must have taken part in the Community Service program. We award extra points for teams that complete their community, effectively incentivizing every team to participate in the Community Service program.


WWK engages the youth of the Kibera slum in a collaborative community-based change effort, to empower young people with skills, confidence, and experience they need to become effective and successful community members.

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