Life Skills Training

The Life Skills Training Program

The Life Skills Training program brings youth from the Wayo Wayo Kibra (WWK) Soccer program and teaches them solutions to problems they can engage with at the community level. Community facilitators teach this program in local classrooms in a forum style that allows the teacher and students to exchange ideas. These forums cover many relevant topics for Kiberian youth, including sexual health education, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS prevention, COVID-19 awareness, and various other vital issues.

The Integration of the Life Skills Training Program within the Soccer Program

The WWK Soccer program integrates compulsory Life Skills Training and an environmental Community Service program. At the end of the soccer season, we hold a tournament that inspires healthy competition and rewards the youth with small prizes. To participate in the tournament and have a chance of winning, each child must have taken part in the Life Skills Training program. We award extra points for teams that complete their training, effectively incentivizing every team to participate in the Life Skills Training program to have a chance at winning the tournament.


WWK engages the youth of the Kibera slum in a collaborative community-based change effort, to empower young people with skills, confidence, and experience they need to become effective and successful community members.

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